October 12, 2019

Jockeys Ridge State Park - NC State Park Passport Stamp 22/41

Jockeys Ridge State Park was the 22nd state park we visited on our journey. Wow! What a cool place - definitely one of the most unique places in this part of the country. The park office was quaint and, of course, super friendly and they were just as excited as our kids with getting the passports stamped 🙂 I was afraid of bringing my camera because of all the sand, but the iPhone did a pretty good job! There are a bunch of trails you can take to get to the dunes, but once you get to the top of the first, you can see for what seems like forever. Because it was HOT and windy (the blowing sand sort of hurt) we decided not to venture too deep into the desert and just took some time to admire the beautiful landscape from the top of the tallest dune. Definitely worth the trip. And Liam keeps talking about how this is one of his favorite parks.

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